Uniflo Flush 3 Macerator pump 32mm discharge

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Rated voltage 230/240v

Rated power 600 watt  

Output Flow 270lts min. max discharge

Height 7.0mts

Max horizontal length 60mts

Minimum discharge outlet 32mm

Comes with GS, CE certificate.

Unit size approx 400mm wide, Height 260mm, Depth 185mm.

A good quality basic unit, Ideal for WC, raised Bath, Basin. Complete with waste pump connection fittings and blank off's.

Uniflo-Flush/3 is suitable to be installed as a stand alone unit for just a WC or a combination of all the above.

Uniflo-Flush/3 benefits from the standard WC inlet and a further two waste inlets, one top and one left side inlet.

A good alternative to the more common macerators on the market,  32 to 40mm minimum discharge outlet pipe.  Uniflo-flush/3 can be used for a shower with a high raised shower tray but we would recommend the Uniflo flush 4 macerator as this pumps at a very low level and can be fitted to a standard raised tray. Uniflo-Flush/3 is also suitable for the kitchen sink.

. Sensibly Priced.   Fully Automatic.   Practical Design.   Install a Toilet, Basin, raised Bath Virtually Anywhere in the Home.   Very Easy to Install.  Supplied with two in-line Non-Return Valves. or kitchen Sink.  Easy to maintain.