Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Uniflo macerator?

A Uniflo macerator breaks down pieces of human waste from the toilet. Our macerating system uses a cutting blade to liquefy the waste and toilet paper in to a fine pulp. When you flush the toilet, the waste water is pumped via small bore pipe work into your existing sanitary Soil pipe and sewer.

Where can I use macerating systems and what size pipe work is needed?

The pumps can be used for a bathroom / shower room in the basement or loft, or downstairs toilet etc. The discharge (outlet) pipe is installed in either 22mm or 32mm pipework depending on the installation and model of the Uniflo. Small bore pipe work makes it easier to install a system where conventional large bore soil pipe may be impossible.

Can I also install a shower, basin or bathtub?

Yes. When installing a bath or a shower, a gravity flow towards the macerating unit is needed. It is best to install the Uniflo macerator first then install your shower / bath to ensure you have the correct fall and all the water is taken by the pump, this way you will not end up with water left in the bottom of the bathtub or shower tray.

Do I need to break up the floor to install the Uniflo macerator?

No, the Uniflo pump sits on top of the floor behind the toilet or concealed behind a wall or in a cupboard.

Can the waste be discharged into a septic tank?

The waste can be pumped into a sewer system, septic tank or a holding tank.

Can I discharge the waste vertically?

Yes. The best method is to install the vertically section first as near to the macerator as possible, then install the horizontal sections. Fitting guide lines are supplied with all are Uniflo macerators.

Can we install a washing machine?

Yes. Washing machine waste can be run into a macerator, it is best to give our engineer a call for the type of unit you will need and further advice

Can we install a kitchen sink?

Yes. Kitchen sink waste can be run into a macerator, be sure not to pure fatty grease down the sink as this can block pipes. It is best to give our engineer a call for the type of unit you will need and further advice.

We just want to install a shower or basin?

We have Uniflo units that are designed just for this purpose, see our sales shop or call the engineer for the type of unit you will need and further advice.

Will I void the warranty if I install the system myself?

No, but correct building, plumbing and electrical regulations must be followed, also follow the advise that is supplied with the pump.
New Uniflo macerators come with a 12 month warranty.

Can the warranty be voided?

Yes, when any foreign objects are found in the macerating unit. Also, by pouring solvents and harsh chemicals paints, etc., into the system, or by opening the motor or pump of the macerating unit or breaking lugs and seals.

Should I insulate the system?

When installed in areas that are prone to freezing, all parts need to be properly insulated, e.g. pipework fitted to the outside of a building or in a cellar.

Does the Uniflo need maintenance?

Yes from time to time it is recommended you clean and descale the macerator. This is a very easy task and does not require you to dismantle the macerator. We recommend that you use Unicleanse fluid or Unicleanse crystals, these cleaners/descalers are bleach free and are available in many outlets or direct from our website. You simply pour the liquid down the toilet bowl/pan and leave to soak, full instructions come with all the cleaners. Please note: BLEACH products can damage rubber components on all macerators and pumps.

Can we purchase spare parts or get free advise

Spare parts / fittings can be purchased direct from ourselves via the telephone or website. We are always here to help if you need it.

Do you have more questions? Just call 01924 200915

If you need any help or advice selecting the correct Uniflo macerator for your requirements please feel free to give us a call. You will find friendly staff and good advice.