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It's that time of year again !! FREEEEZING !!

It's that time of year again !! FREEEEZING !!


Should I insulate the system?

Dropping temperatures can result in macerator discharge pipes freezing if exposed to the elements, Pipes buried underground or fixed to a cold exterior cavity wall / cellar could easily freez and result in pipe and pump blockages.

Waste slurry may get trapped inside the unit and build up in the pump section of the macerator, this can cause expensive damage to the pump motor. 

Ensure all pipes prone to freezing have adequate insulation to prevent problems occurring with your system.

Unlagged pipes can easily become frozen and may split when the temperatures rise again.

Does the Uniflo need maintenance?

Yes from time to time it is recommended you clean and descale the macerator. This is a very easy task and does not require you to dismantle the macerator. We recommend that you use Unicleanse fluid or Unicleanse crystals, these cleaners/descalers are bleach free and are available in many outlets or direct from our website. You simply pour the liquid down the toilet bowl/pan and leave to soak, full instructions come with all the cleaners.Please note: BLEACH products can damage rubber components on all macerators and pumps.

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