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NEW Luxury fully automatic Bidet toilet seats

NEW Luxury fully automatic Bidet toilet seats

Bidet Seat


Uniflo Products are pleased to introduce our new Signature product range of Luxury bidet toilet seats.

These seats are ideal for the less able and can be operated by the user or remotely by a care assistant.

High Quality Electronic Hygiene Bidet Wash and Dry Toilet Seats

The ulitmate device in personal hyigene. The U100B and U200B range are designed for easy installation and use.

Once installed the seat will wash and dry you at the touch of a button, easy to operate, just pre set the temperature and leave the rest to the seat.

Elegant sleek design with a simple one touch button operation makes this unit your number one choice.

Not only will these seats take care of your personal needs, they have been designed with comfort in mind, they incorporate a temperature adjustable heated seat and power adjustable drying system.

These are one of the best units on the market today. Unlike many bulky cumbersome models on the market the U100B/U200B fits in to any modern bathroom with ease.

The units come complete with every thing you will need to install.

For further information click the link: http://www.unifloproducts.co.uk/category/less-able-luxury-bidet-toilet-seats

Remote for Toilet Bidet SeatManual Bidet Seat  Manual Bidet Seat Settings

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